Welcome to Glick Roofing Systems, where we offer state-of-the-art equipment, a no-mess left behind approach, and the best customer service experience.

After listening to business or building owners complain about roofers, Ephraim Glick decided there must be a better way. He wanted to change the unprofessional stigma that follows the roofing industry, one of cheating customers out of deposits or warranties, or simply not showing up or working efficiently.

“I helped put my first roof on at age 13 and I loved it, and now the industry as a whole. Working outside with my hands and putting in a hard day’s labor felt so good.” At Glick Roofing Systems, “we believe there is a better way to roof, showing up on time and communicating effectively with customers throughout the entire process is important. It’s not about just making a sale, it’s about the full satisfaction of doing a great job for your customer and seeing their total satisfaction after the job is completed.” 

The Glick team always shows up, whether to a simple repair or major project, every customer receives the same honesty, attention, and integrity from Ephraim and his team.  When you have an emergency or would like an estimate or quote, those are handled within 24 hours. Waiting around is a thing of the past.

“And after we finish a job, you will only know we were there because of the beautiful roof left behind. We believe in a clean and orderly business, equipment, jobsite, and crew.”

Let us be your go-to roofing company, who keeps you covered and your building protected.

Meet the Team

Ephraim Glick: As the owner of Glick Roofing Systems, Ephraim sets the standard within his company and within the industry, by being the example for hard work, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. He lives by the credo of going above and beyond for every customer and every employee, no matter how unreasonable that may seem to outside skeptics. He is putting his mark on the world, and we at Glick Roofing Systems are grateful to be a part of his vision. He loves to encourage his friends and spend time with loved ones-especially while exploring the wonders of this world.


Elmer King: Our General Manger is loved by everyone who meets him. One of the best at organizing a project and keeping our staff prepared and ready to go. With 30+ years of construction and roofing experience, Elmer leads our team with knowledge, wisdom, and integrity. When he does take his time to relax, you can find him with a cigar, an Old Fashion, and several friends and family members around him.



JT Wierenga: JT is the warm welcome you can expect from our company. He is driven by creating an atmosphere within Glick Roofing System that invites all customers and employees with the kindest regard. If our moto is to be Hospitable to all, no matter how “unreasonable” it may seem, JT will find a way to do it. In fact, even when he’s not on the other end of our phone, you’ll find him out in Nashville encouraging a songwriter, or a bartender, or anyone else who needs a little extra boost that day



Josh Willcutts: Mr. Dry-Sense-of-Humor, Josh is always looking to make those around him laugh and enjoy life. Our customers love him and know that he always has their best interest at heart. Josh became a company asset by helping launch our company into what we are now, by creating a network of clients who are looking for true expertise, solid solutions, and genuine care. But Josh also has a hidden talent that’s not so hidden; he is one of the best musicians/singers/songwriters you’ll ever hear. Josh also runs a non-profit called Jesus In A Bar, showcasing local Christian Musicians within the bars of Nashville.


Kevin Tucker: “Tucker,” as he is affectionately known amongst his friends, has the soul of a champion. His desire is to accomplish every task with the ferocity of a lion. He has the knowledge and understanding, from many years of experience, to know exactly what your roof needs. His endearing personality and high level of communication makes our customers feel at ease about their roof. He has been a huge asset from the beginning. But try and keep up, because when Tucker isn’t running all over the area looking at roofs, he’s playing with his pup Niffler, training for a marathon, or having a beer with a friend. He works and plays hard, and with a purpose, to live out his best life.


Dylan Blair: A good man, Dylan puts everything back into creating the best life for his family. As a retired veteran of the Army Infantry, he learned the importance of service, strength, and hard work. These qualities lead Dylan every day to give our customers the best experience, whether with a repair, a rejuvenation, or a full replacement. He will always find and execute the best solution for all our customers. From on top of a roof to on top of the world, Dylan can be found enjoying life in the company of friends and family out on the water.


Elmer Glick: The king of the one-liners. If you’re not having fun around Elmer you’re just not trying. He’s always the life of the party, the office, and the worksite. Elmer’s quick wit isn’t just a joking matter; he is an astute problem solver and leader, who knows the best solution and processes for all our customer’s roofs. Elmer’s expertise in restorations, replacements, and rebuilds helps keep our company at the front of the pack when it comes to roofing solutions. But when he crawls down the ladder for the weekend, he’s ready to get out on the land and stay close to the ground, as he rides a bike, a 4-wheeler- or a horse. Never afraid of any situation, you know you’re in great hands with Elmer.


Laine King: You’ve never met someone so laid back but so ambitious. Laine is driven to be the best but never at the expense of another. His attitude on the worksite leads our crewmembers to success, on and off the roof. Our customers value both his expertise, his attention to detail, and his ability to communicate effectively, helping them understand every process. I’d say his only shortcoming is his need to cheer for the Eagles with every fiber of his being. But we still like him.