Welcome to Glick Roofing Systems, where we offer state-of-the-art equipment, a no-mess left behind approach, and the best customer service experience.

After listening to business or building owners complain about roofers, Ephraim Glick decided there must be a better way. He wanted to change the unprofessional stigma that follows the roofing industry, one of cheating customers out of deposits or warranties, or simply not showing up or working efficiently.

“I helped put my first roof on at age 13 and I loved it, and now the industry as a whole. Working outside with my hands and putting in a hard day’s labor felt so good.” At Glick Roofing Systems, “we believe there is a better way to roof, showing up on time and communicating effectively with customers throughout the entire process is important. It’s not about just making a sale, it’s about the full satisfaction of doing a great job for your customer and seeing their total satisfaction after the job is completed.” 

The Glick team always shows up, whether to a simple repair or major project, every customer receives the same honesty, attention, and integrity from Ephraim and his team.  When you have an emergency or would like an estimate or quote, those are handled within 24 hours. Waiting around is a thing of the past.

“And after we finish a job, you will only know we were there because of the beautiful roof left behind. We believe in a clean and orderly business, equipment, jobsite, and crew.”

Let us be your go-to roofing company, who keeps you covered and your building protected.

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