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Synthetic rubber membranes, also referred to as EPDM roofing, are frequently used to cover low-slope roofs. Commercial and industrial building owners resort to EPDM because of its weather resistance, durability, and ease of installation. When they require EPDM roofing, Brentwood, Tennessee business owners have long turned to Glick Roofing Systems first. Our knowledge allows us to successfully serve you. Dial (615) 265-0598 to speak with us regarding your EPDM roofing job or to receive a free estimate!

EPDM Roofing Installation

Following a few essential steps is necessary for the safe and effective application of the synthetic rubber membrane during the installation of EPDM roofing. Initially, the roof surface must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped, leaving no trace of dirt, trash, or discarded roofing materials. It is imperative to guarantee that the surface is both smooth and free of any sharp items that may pierce the EPDM membrane.

EPDM Roofing

Large rolls or sheets of EPDM roofing material are usually supplied; these must be measured and cut to precisely fit the roof’s measurements. To guarantee that the membrane completely covers the roof surface and reduce the number of seams, accurate measurement is crucial. The material is prepared for installation after it has been trimmed to size.

Applying adhesive is the next stage in joining the EPDM membrane to the roof substrate. Adhesive is usually applied to the underside of the membrane as well as the prepared roof surface. In particular in windy circumstances, this strengthens the link between the EPDM and the ground, improving stability and reducing lifting.

Using screws or other fasteners placed at predefined intervals, EPDM roofing can also be mechanically fastened to the roof deck for increased stability. This approach is especially advised for added security or in locations that are vulnerable to severe winds.

To add an additional layer of defense against water intrusion, EPDM flashing is put at roof penetrations, edges, and transitions. Flashing materials are made to order and trimmed to meet the specific roof features, like the spaces around vents, chimneys, and walls.

Ultimately, after installation, a thorough examination is conducted to make sure the EPDM roofing system has been installed correctly and satisfies all requirements for longevity and quality.

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