Flat Roofs

As a homeowner with a flat roof, you should make it a priority to understand the many different types of roofing systems available in the market and how they can benefit and protect your residential property. Glick Roofing Systems provides high-quality roofing solutions that keep your home safe and secure.

Residential flat roofs

Residential flat roofs are a popular choice amongst homeowners who prefer the aesthetic of a contemporary or Mediterranean/Southwest flair. Flat roofs are often less expensive and easier to build than pitched roofs, and they can also save energy by reflecting sunlight and lowering heat transfer.

However, flat roofs are more prone to leaks and other damage when compared to pitched roofs. Because flat roofs lack the slope that allows the water to drain off, excess water that accumulates on the roof might stay there and pose a threat if it has not been installed by a competent roofer. As a result, choosing the proper roofing system for your flat roof is critical to ensuring optimal protection and endurance.

Types of flat roof systems

There are various types of roofing systems available for residential flat roofs, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, we always recommend consulting your roofing contractor before finalizing any roofing system for your residential property.

Built-up roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofing, commonly known as tar and gravel roofing, is a popular alternative for flat roofs because it offers great weather and external element protection. BUR systems are made up of numerous layers of asphalt and tar paper placed on top of the roof, with a layer of gravel or other aggregate material on top to provide UV protection.

Modified bitumen roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is a type of asphalt roofing that is strengthened with different synthetic materials such as fiberglass or polyester. This roofing system is extremely robust and can endure for up to 20 years or more, making it a popular choice for residential flat roofs.

Single-ply roofing

Single-ply roofing is a type of synthetic roofing membrane that is made up of only one sheet of PVC or EPDM. This roofing system is well known for its versatility and can be put on flat roofs of any size or form. Single-ply roofing also is resistant to UV rays and other weather-related damage making it a great option for homes in rough climates.


A flat roof with a urethane or acrylic coating is a wonderful way to protect the roof structure, improve your energy efficiency and even reduce your cooling costs. Some coatings reflect as much as 85% of solar heat, which can result in utility cost savings up to 30%, depending on location. A cost-saving roof coating can be applied onto almost any existing roofing system.

The Right System

There are numerous factors to consider when finalizing the right roofing system for your flat roof. These include your roof’s shape and size, budget, and your personal preferences. Glick Roofing Systems will assist and guide you in selecting the best roofing system for your needs, as well as provide expert installation and maintenance services to ensure your roof remains in terrific condition for years.

Residential flat roofs can provide a number of benefits for homeowners, but it’s important to choose the right roofing system to ensure maximum protection for your house and your roof’s longevity. Regardless of the roofing system you choose, Glick Roofing Systems will provide the expert services you need to keep your roof in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about our residential flat roofing services, 615-265-0598.