Murielle W.

During a storm, my elderly parent’s roof started to leak. I immediately called Spencer Sommers at Glick Roofing Systems, formerly known as MidSouth Commercial Roofing. He was very quick to respond and assessed that the roof had been damaged in a storm. By being my parents advocate with their insurance company, my parents didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were immediately impressed with Spencer’s professionalism, trustworthiness, reliability, and honesty. My parents always felt like they were in good hands throughout the process. Spencer was very patient when listening to their concerns and took his time to make sure they were comfortable with how things were being handled. He took many photos so that he could show them where the issues were on the roof to reassure them that the repairs that were being done were legit. Spencer was always available to answer any questions or concerns that my parents had during the process and would immediately come over to resolve in concerns that they may have. Once the reroofing started, Spencer and Dallas made sure to check in throughout the whole process to make sure that the roofing job was being done to their high-level standards. I would highly recommend Spencer and his team. Their customer service especially when dealing with the elderly and being their advocate with the insurance company was exceptional and beyond my expectations. My parent’s neighbor ended up using them to replace their roof too because they were impressed with the work they had done. I would highly recommend them.