We offer commercial & industrial roofing services.
Yes, we are a licensed BC-21 contractor, we also carry liability and workers comp insurance.
Our company was founded in December 2018.
Yes, we offer free estimates and detailed roof reports
Our labor warranty covers all our work, the manufacturer warranty we provide will cover all materials. We also offer NDL warranties on our commercial projects if needed.
Yes, we have hundreds of satisfied clients and are happy to give you contacts for jobs we have done.
Our warranties can vary from 10-30 years depending on your roof and they system you choose.
We hold weekly safety meetings. Harnesses, safety lines and other safety measures are taken depending on the size, height and slope of your roof.
Yes, we offer annual or biannual maintenance programs for your roof
Yes, we do the heavy lifting for you on insurance claims so that you do not have to worry about the added stress of filing a claim
Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas
Commercial roof restorations can but are not limited to metal roof coating systems, EPDM restorations, TPO restorations and any flat roof restoration. These systems are designed to extend the life of your current roof utilizing your current roofing system. We specialize in commercial roof restorations using liquid applied 7-step restoration systems for metal roofs and fluid applied FM4470 approved membranes systems for flat roofs. These systems are not a patch and are designed to stand the test of time usually providing a better system then rolled membranes with welded seams.
Our commercial roof restoration is designed to stop unnecessary waste by removing entire roofs that can still be utilized in a restoration process. Many roofs can be restored and will last decades longer if properly restored.
At Glick Roofing Systems we pride ourselves on quality, professionalism, prompt and efficient and communication. Our team will work with you from start to finish on your project no matter how big or small. Even after the job is completed, we will stay in touch to ensure what we did is working like it’s supposed to!
Yes, we have covered millions of sq ft of commercial roof restoration, and they do work. Roof coating systems will work if applied properly. That is why we have designed our own 7-step system that covers even over and above manufacturer specifications and recommendations to ensure your roof will last you another 20-30 or more years.
We ask that any vehicles are not parked against the building and to provide us with a space to set up our trailer. Other than that, it’s business as usual for you!
Call our office at 615-265-0598 or text and we will schedule a time that works for you!