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Here in Knoxville, TN, we have many commercial buildings with flat roofs. We at Glick Roofing Systems have a service that is for flat roof repair. This service is to help those roofs thrive in the different varieties of weather we have. Call us at (615) 265-0598 if your commercial flat roof needs repairs.

Causes of Flat Roof Repair Needs

Weather can have a massive impact on roofing materials, and this is also true for flat roofs. Flat roofs need to have a well-maintained guttering system to stand a chance against all the rain we get. If you add heat and humidity to the mix, then it’s a recipe for cracks and other issues for flat roofs. Due to the frequency of these weather events, we recommend having your roof inspected twice a year. This way, we can get the repairs done before they get worse. While beautiful, snow can weigh heavily on a flat roof, causing a significant amount of stress to the roofing materials. This can lead to weaker areas to break. You will then be left to clean up the destruction from that. However, if you have us handling the maintenance for you, these weaker areas will be noticed and addressed before you face that issue.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Repairs for a flat roof are slightly different than those for other roofing systems. This is due to a combination of the roofing pitch and the materials used. A flat roof does have a pitch to it; to be recognized as a flat roof, the pitch must be under ½ inch. Though there are “low slope” roofs, they have a little more slope. The materials are made to be stable. However, these materials are known for leaks. A way to combat this is to have your flat roof coated. The coating acts like a second skin while sealing your roof. Repairs for a flat roof need to be handled by a team of professionals who know how to manage the repairs correctly.

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A flat roof has many benefits but needs a little more support. If you have a flat roof on your commercial building in Knoxville, TN, call us at Glick Roofing Systems. We have a large variety of roofing services. We can handle any roofing issue your flat roof has, including a flat roof repair. Contact us today at (615) 265-0598.