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As a building owner, you need to avoid falling victim to roofing scams. Not only can these be expensive, but they can also cause damage to your structure. Here at Glick Roofing Systems in Belle Meade, TN, we believe that every building owner deserves to have a secure and reliable roof. This is why we offer high-quality roofing services to our clients. Call us today at 615-265-0598 to learn more!

What to Avoid

One of the most common scams involves the “storm chaser” contractor. These contractors will often go door-to-door in areas that have recently experienced severe weather, offering to perform roofing repairs. While some of these contractors may be legitimate, many are not! They often ask for payment upfront and then disappear without doing any work.

To avoid falling victim to this type of scam, always do your research and the required due diligence before hiring a contractor. Check their credentials and reviews online, and ask for references from past customers. A legitimate contractor will be happy to provide this information.

Another common roofing scam involves the “lowball” estimate. Some contractors will offer to perform roofing repairs at an extremely low price, only to add on extra fees and charges once the work has begun. To avoid this scam, request a written estimate that includes all costs upfront. If a contractor is unwilling to provide this, it’s best to look for another option.

Roofing Services

In general, be wary of contractors who ask for payment upfront. While it’s common for contractors to ask for a deposit before starting work, it’s not normal for them to ask for the entire amount at the beginning. Legitimate contractors will usually suggest a payment plan with you, based on the progress of the work.

Finally, be cautious of contractors who pressure you into signing a contract immediately. Legitimate contractors will never force you into making a quick decision. Take the time to review the contract and ask any questions before signing.

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As a building owner, you need to partner with a trusted contractor who can provide high-quality services. By doing your research and being careful, you can find an expert team to help you. If you are in Belle Meade, TN, you have no better choice than the crew at Glick Roofing Systems. We are committed to providing our customers with trustworthy and reliable roofing services. Call us today at 615-265-0598 to learn more!