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There are many more variations available, but the most popular kind of commercial roofing system is the single-ply system. There are several compelling reasons why Brentwood, TN commercial building owners are beginning to prefer it over other roof types. The lightweight design, low maintenance needs, simplicity of installation, and affordability of the single-ply roofing system are well known. Call Glick Roofing Systems at (615) 265-0598 to learn more about the benefits of single-ply roofing systems.

Single-Ply Roofing Types

Within the realm of single-ply roofing, three primary types exist, each with its distinct characteristics. EPDM, applied as a liquid and transformed into a solid piece, showcases one option. Another is TPO, a thermoplastic material that combines strength with lightweight properties. Lastly, there is PVC, known for its durability and flexibility. Each type boasts unique strengths, influencing their specific applications. Importantly, all these materials are crafted from recyclable sources, emphasizing their contribution as a renewable resource and their environment friendly nature.

Things You Need to Know About Single-Ply Roofing

Single-Ply Roofing

Adding single-ply roofing to your current roof saves money because there are no demolition or landfill fees. The prefabricated nature of these roofing materials makes installation easier. Our approach involves dry fitting them to guarantee precise measurements for a snug fit. Excess material is then removed, and a chemical adhesive is applied to ensure a robust connection between your existing roof and the new single-ply layer. This meticulous process minimizes the risk of separation, especially during severe storms.

Choosing single-ply roofing not only revitalizes an aging roof but also enhances energy efficiency, leading to reduced utility costs. The numerous benefits associated with this roofing system explain why many commercial building owners have turned to us for its installation.

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Do you want to improve your roof while saving money at the same time? Should you respond in the yes, you should install a single-ply roofing system on your building. The lightweight and ease of installation of single-ply roofing is well known. If you reside in Brentwood, TN, Glick Roofing Systems is ready to assist you with your roofing demands. Dial (615) 265-0598 to reach us immediately. Our team of roofers can help with any roofing-related problems. Don’t wait until your roof faces significant challenges; we offer preventive services that can help you avoid major costs associated with roofing issues.